Exclusive: CAOs feel the pressure to get more bang for the buck

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Federal News Radio’s fourth annual survey of chief acquisition officers and senior procurement executives found training, recruitment and retaining acquisition workers continues to be their highest priority. But the survey found CAOs believe finding efficiencies in their contracts is becoming more important. Commerce’s Barry Berkowitz said his agency’s spend analysis showed possible consolidation and reduction opportunities in $800 million in procurement spending.

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  • Navy confirms everything ‘all clear’ at Walter Reed

    The Navy confirmed that everything is “all clear” at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, where many employees have been sheltering in place in response to an unconfirmed report this morning of a single gunshot heard.

  • VA cyber gets smarter thanks to DHS’ EINSTEIN program

    Statistics from the Department of Veterans Affairs show a significant decline in malware making its way into the department’s networks over the past two months. VA officials credit the government’s approach to “collective” cybersecurity.

  • As DHS issues new phishing alert, experts offer tips to feds

    In the aftermath of the massive data breach suffered by the Office of Personnel Management, the Homeland Security Department issues a new alert about targeted phishing attacks against federal employees and retirees. Federal News Radio asked cyber experts for advice on what victims should be on the lookout for from these bogus emails.

  • What if Congress outlawed hypocrisy?

    Federal News Radio Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says holding lawmakers accountable for their missteps and foibles is great in theory, but in practice, it might not work out.

  • Monday federal headlines – July 6, 2015

    In today’s news, security clearance applicants will be cutting down a few trees to keep their applications moving along, Congress returns to work today following the July Fourth break and the Pentagon contractors ranked below retailers and banks for cybersecurity last month in an industry-developed ranking system.

  • Register Today: Records and Information Management Online Chat

    Iron Mountain Government Services' April Chen and Kevin Walsh join Federal News Radio's Custom Media Director Jason Fornicola for a complimentary online chat on Thursday, July 9 from 2-2:30 p.m. to discuss the federal records and information management landscape.

  • Application Security Imperatives- Where is The New Perimeter?

    Today, even in the Fed space, it is all about the apps – being able to access the information or content you need, when you need it. But just providing the app is a job half done. What really matters is the app experience.

  • Contextual Intelligence: Deciphering Disparate Data in Government

    Agencies face two primary challenges in knowledge management: Data Diversity and Institutional Knowledge.

  • Agency of the Month: U.S. Department of Education

    Agency of the Month examines the many important facets of government agencies. Each month, Federal News Radio speaks with top executives from a specific agency about the issues most important to its mission. The Agency of the Month for July 2015 - the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Disaster Resilience for America

    In the latest edition of “Disaster Relief for America”, hosts Tim Karney and Tom Moran interview Greg Carbin, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at NOAA.

  • Executive Conversation: IT Trends in Government

    Evergreen ITS President Terrance Martin joined WTOP & Federal News Radio Custom Media Director Jason Fornicola for a discussion on IT trends in the federal government.

  • Higher Bandwidth, Lower Cost: Managed Broadband for Your Agency Network

    Federal News Radio's Tom Temin sits down with Hughes Network Systems Tony Bardo, Ricardo Belmar, and Mike Cook to discuss the advantages of transitioning to managed broadband. The team from Hughes explains how distributed agencies can add bandwidth while reducing their network costs simultaneously with managed broadband services that are available via their GSA Schedule.

  • Zoe Heller: DEA lab recycles 8,200 pounds of electronics

    The Drug Enforcement Administration’s Western Laboratory won the Federal Green Challenge award from the Environmental Protection Agency after the lab increased its electronics recycling more than any other federal agency in 2014. It recycled tons of electronics and nearly 10% more than its 2013 level. Zoe Heller manages the Zero Waste Section in EPA’s Pacific Southwest Region. She joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive with more on the challenge, and some lessons everyone can learn from the DEA lab.

  • James Johnson: Breaking ground on Bio- and Agro-Defense Lab

    Homeland Security and the Agriculture Department recently broke ground on a new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility. The Kansas-based facility is slated to open in 2022 and help USDA study animal-to-human diseases. Jamie Johnson, the director of the National Bio and Agro Defense Program at DHS, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive with more on the facility.

  • Jared Serbu: VA’s cyber front is looking up

    Steph Warren, VA’s chief information officer, is cautiously optimistic about the trajectory of cyber attacks against his agency. After hitting a peak of one billion attempted malware intrusions in the month of March, the figure fell to half that in May. As Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu reports, VA is crediting better perimeter defenses and tighter controls on employees’ access to suspicious websites.

  • Jeff Neal: OPM data breach ‘far from over’

    More information on the size of the second breach at the Office of Personnel Management will likely come this week. GovExec reports the agency will release the number of current and former federal employees — and job applicants — affected in the second cyberattack. Jeff Neal is senior vice president of ICF International and former chief human capital officer for the Homeland Security Department. He tells Depth with Francis Rose that the OPM data breach is far from over.

  • Barry Berkowitz: Strategic sourcing can transform your agency

    The Commerce Department is recovering from years of disjointed procurement oversight and spending. Commerce finds millions of dollars in procurement efficiencies thanks to an effort to improve the acquisition process that’s been going on for several years. Barry Berkowitz is the senior procurement executive at the Commerce Department. He tells Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller how he is transforming the agency and why his efforts are similar to what other chief acquisition officers say they are trying to do in a Federal News Radio survey of CAOs.

  • David Wise: VA is taking steps to address project delays

    Thirty-nine out of 41 of the Veterans Affairs Department’s outpatient leasing projects — worth about $2.5 billion — are running behind schedule. Delays range anywhere between six months to 13 years. Most of the delays happened before the VA began the lease agreement because the Veterans Health Administration didn’t detail the project’s requirements on time. Dave Wise is a director of physical infrastructure issues at the Government Accountability Office. He testified recently before the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose the reason behind most of the delays and where in the leasing process things started to slow down.

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