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  • Jared Serbu: DHS eliminates federal anti-terrorism inspection backlog

    The Homeland Security Department eliminated a massive backlog of chemical plants that were waiting for federal anti-terrorism inspections. As Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin, previous estimates said DHS wouldn’t clear the backlog until at least the end of the decade.

  • Kelly Maguire & Charles Lee: EPA pursues environmental justice

    The Environmental Protection Agency has a policy of making sure its regulatory actions take into account what the agency calls environmental justice. It’s proving its analysis with detailed technical guidance to make sure work is consistent across the agency. Kelly Maguire, an economist EPA’s Office of Policy and Charles Lee, EPA’s deputy associate assistant administrator for environmental justice, tell Federal Drive with Tom Temin what this all means.

  • Alexander Kurien: GSA seeks innovators in real property strategies

    For nearly two decades the General Services Administration has conducted an awards program for real property best practices. Alexander Kurien, deputy associate administrator in GSA’s Office of Asset and Transportation Management, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin GSA has put out the call for entries.

  • Dennis Reuter: A new perspective on Pluto

    Two summer agom stargazers around the world were stunned by sharp images of Pluto beamed back by a NASA probe. Scientists got a highly detailed list of what the dwarf planet is actually made of. Federal Drive with Tom Temin guest Dennis Reuter spent decades, along with his team, developing the imaging spectometer that flew by Pluto. For his work, he is a finalist in this year’s Service to America Medals program.

  • Deborah Kelly: New rule would alter contractor reporting

    A proposed new rule from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Labor Department would impose a big reporting requirement on federal contractors with more than 100 employees. It’s aimed at helping the government ferret out what it believes are instances of pay discrimination. Deborah Kelly, a partner at the law firm Blank Rome, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin you’ve still got time to comment.

  • Nick Dahl: Unlocking VA’s prison payment problem

    When a veteran goes to federal prison, his or her payouts from the Veterans Benefits Administration are supposed to go down. But, they don’t always, and that has cost VBA tens of millions of dollars. Nick Dahl, director of the Bedford Audit Operations Division of the VA’s inspector general office, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin about a new report that tells how VBA could fix the problem.

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