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  • Successes of SBA’s liquidation chief wins Sammie nomination for career

    An SBA program manager has been acknowledged for developing ways to recoup loses from failed small business investments.

  • David Goure: Rethinking DoD’s third offset strategy

    The Pentagon’s third offset strategy is a way of restoring the competitive edge the U.S. military has had for several decades. But DoD leadership may be going about it all the wrong way, seeking technology that’s divorced from real-world war fighting needs. Dr. Dan Goure is vice president at military think tank Lexington Institute. He joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with why one of the armed services is doing a better job at pursuing an offset strategy.

  • David Cozzie: EPA puts out methane rule for landfills

    Following two years of work, the EPA has put out final rules for methane gas emanating from municipal landfills. Joining Federal Drive with Tom Temin with what went into this rule-making, David Cozzie, group leader for fuels and incineration at the EPA.

  • Steve LaFountain: Educating the next generation of cyber professionals

    While millions of kids spend their summer camp time paddling in canoes and roasting marshmallows, one select group is spending it in a different way. They’re sitting in front of workstations, learning the ins and outs of cybersecurity. The GenCyber summer camp program is backed by the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency. For more on its goals and how it works, Steve LaFountain, dean of the College of Cyber at the NSA, joins the Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • FOIA update puts pressure on contractors to protect trade secrets

    The new FOIA Improvement Act puts pressure on contractors to protect their trade secrets. Jon Burd explains what contractors can do from the get-go to keep them safe.

  • Capt. Bill McKinley: Navy overhauling training of its sailors

    The Navy is overhauling the way it trains its sailors. It’s incorporating more virtual environments and distance learning so sailors can eventually get the training they need and not spend long periods away from their duty stations. It’s all part of the long term effort known as Sailor 2025. Joining Federal Drive with Tom Temin with an update on this effort, Capt. Bill McKinley, commanding officer of the Center for Surface Combat Systems.

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