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  • Shutdown preppers update

    Many government workers, like many of their private sector counterparts, live from paycheck to paycheck, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey

  • Navy transitions Task Force Cyber Awakening to permanent office

    The new Navy Cybersecurity division will be part of the headquarters staff, giving it reach both into the service’s resourcing decisions and its acquisition processes.

  • GSA should not reinvent the data collection wheel

    On March 4, the General Services Administration issued a proposed rule that would require contractors to report transactional data from orders placed against GSA’s Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract vehicles as well as GSA’s governmentwide acquisition…

  • New Army energy strategy: security, sustainability among goals

    The Army has released its new Energy Security and Sustainability Strategy, designed to enhance the force’s readiness, capabilities, and performance. The strategy includes five goals. Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy, and Environment, was my guest to review each of the five goals, and explain how the Army will meet them.

  • DoD paying more to protect its workers from OPM attack

    The Defense Department is asking Congress to shift $23 million in additional funds to cover a suite of credit monitoring services for its federal workers compromised by the OPM data breach.

  • Disaster Resilience

    On this edition of “Disaster Resilience for America”, hosts Tim Karney and Tom Moran interview Aaron Strickland, the Emergency Operations Director for Georgia Power Company (Southern Company).

  • Cybersecurity vs. Data Security: Government’s Two-Pronged Challenge

    With recent data breaches, are agencies and companies focusing on the wrong issues? What is cybersecurity and how does it relate to data security?

  • Cybersecurity Insights

    Three industry experts provide insight into the current cyber state of agencies and what agencies need to do to protect themselves.

  • How does the cloud impact my current data center architecture?

    Agencies are taking a more expansive look at their data management infrastructure and how best to manage data and run applications.

  • Today’s Cybersecurity and Rapid Response

    Industry expert Matt McCormack, former CISO at IRS and the Defense Intelligence Agency and now Chief Technology Officer of RSA’s Global Public Sector gives Director of Custom Media Jason Fornicola an overview of how organizations can rapidly respond to a data breach.

  • In Focus: Two Factor Authentication

    Jason Fornicola speaks with key stakeholders to better understand the opportunities and challenges of two-factor authentication.

  • Digital Transformation in Government

    Federal News Radio's Custom Media Director Jason Fornicola sits down with Mike Maiorana, the SVP of Public Sector Sales for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and George Fischer, the SVP of Global Sales for Verizon Enterprise Solutions to address the evolving government technology landscape.

  • Emily Kopp: Federal workers happier at work since last year

    The 2015 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey shows feds are happier at work than they were a year ago. The survey, done by the Office of Personnel Management, gauges federal employees’ attitudes about their work, bosses, offices and compensation. Federal News Radio’s Emily Kopp and executive editor Jason Miller break down the progress since last year.

  • Jason Miller: CIA hits the accelerator pedal for digital innovation

    The CIA launched a new Digital Innovation Directorate on Oct. 1 as part of a major agency-wide reorganization. The goal of the DDI is to accelerate the use of digital and innovative technologies in everything the agency does. Sean Roche is the DDI’s deputy director. He tells executive editor Jason Miller the immediate and longer-term impact the new directorate will have on the organization.

  • Joe Martore: Caliber Systems recognized by GovCon

    The Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards honor many of the individuals and businesses among the region’s government contractors. The awards, sponsored by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce and the Professional Services Council, celebrate high achievers. Between now and Nov. 5, Federal News Radio is interviewing the finalists for this year’s awards. Joe Martore is president and CEO of Caliber Systems, a finalist for this year’s Contractor of the Year award in the $75-to-$300 million in sales category. He tells the Federal Drive with Tom Temin more about his company and its nomination.

  • David Moskovitz: What could the vendor community do better?

    David Moskovitz is the chief executive at Accenture Federal Service and a finalist for this year’s GovCon Contractor of the Year award in the greater than $300 million in sales category. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose about trends, agency challenges, and best practices for vendors when it comes to customer service and partnership during the current budget situation.

  • Casey Coleman: Communication leads to better outcomes

    Communication between government and industry is improving, but still isn’t great according to leaders across the contracting space. The importance of building the lines of communication is one of three lessons Casey Coleman wishes she would have learned before she left government. Casey is group vice president of Unisys Federal Systems Civilian Agencies and former chief information officer at the General Services Administration. She tells In Depth with Francis Rose about the three lessons on the On Point blog.

  • Katherine Hammack: understanding energy impacts for smart decisions

    The Army’s Energy Security and Sustainability Strategy is in the execution phase now. It includes five goals the Army will strive for to make the it more energy-secure. Katherine Hammack is assistant secretary of the Army for Installations Energy and Environment. She tells In Depth with Francis Rose this strategy is focused more on “why” the strategy is important and less on how the Army will meet the goals it lays out.

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