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  • Nicole Ogrysko: Army uses data to reassess suicide-prevention tactics

    The Army is evaluating five years of data to study suicide. The data is both affirming and in some cases disproving what the Army knows about its suicide-prone soldiers. Randy Lane is the division chief of the analytics assessment and systems division at the Army Resilience Directorate. Wendy Lasko is the program manager of the Army Suicide Prevention Program, and Kenneth Cox is the scientific liasion for the Army STARRS program. On Federal Drive with Tom Temin, they tell Federal News Radio reporter Nicole Ogrysko about the data points they collected. The first voice you hear is Lane’s.

  • Jared Serbu: Rapid response for future cyber breaches

    The Office of Management and Budget is telling federal agencies and the General Services Administration to draw up plans that would let them hire private sector help to respond to a cyber intrusion as quickly as possible. As Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin, OMB says it’s clear that no civilian agency has the resources to clean up after a major cyber intrusion on its own.

  • Renee Wynn: New NASA CIO discusses cybersecurity plans

    Even for long-serving federal managers, moving from one federal department to another can produce some surprises. Systems, cultures, people might all be different. Just a few short weeks into her job as NASA chief information officer, Renee Wynn has a lot of work to do. Recently decamped from EPA, she compared the two agencies for Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Mike Hettinger: Five lessons about the Internet of things

    If the Internet of things is a technology megatrend, federal agencies should pay attention to it. So says the non-profit Advanced Technology Academic Research Center, or ATARC. It asked professors, contractors and federal IT managers about the Internet of things and boiled the answers down into five recommendations. Mike Hettinger of ATARC told Federal Drive with Tom Temin the group started out with a question.

  • Carolyn Colvin: Social Security commissioner now NAPA fellow

    She has nearly four decades of public service. Her speciality is human services, and she’s worked at the county, state and federal levels. Now acting Social Security Commissioner Carolyn Colvin is a new fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration. She told Federal Drive with Tom Temin what it means to be a NAPA fellow.

  • David Hawkings: Will Congress finish its budget work by Dec. 11?

    Congress is tied up in knots debating the Syrian refugee questions and other things like cybersecurity. With a fast-approaching deadline for funding the government, Dec. 11, to be exact, the question is whether Congress will finish its budget work on time. Federal Drive host Tom Temin asked CQ Roll Call senior editor David Hawkings if other matters were crowding out the crucial budget.

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