Big data holds promise for DHS, headaches for its lawyers


Lawyers at the Homeland Security Department are trying to address privacy concerns now so that DHS can use big data to stop national security threats without running afoul of the law.

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  • OPM tells feds to telework when Pope Francis visits Washington

    The federal government will stay open when Pope Francis visits Washington for three days later this month, but employees should telework or prepare themselves for long commutes, the Office of Personnel Management says.

  • Photo Gallery: Capitol Restoration Project

    In spring 2015, the Architect of the Capitol began conservation efforts to restore the bronze monuments of the Grant Memorial located in Union Square. Work includes cleaning, waxing, repairing and conserving the existing bronze, and providing new bronze castings of missing or broken items. The AOC has also been working on underground utility infrastructure upgrades to the Cannon office building.

  • We the People petition calls for ‘meaningful pay raise’ for feds next year

    A new “We the People” petition posted on calls for President Obama to give federal employees “a meaningful pay raise” this year. It was first posted on Aug. 31, a few days after President Barack Obama proposed an across-the-board, 1 percent pay raise for civilian federal employees and a 1.3 percent raise for members of the military in 2016. The petition needs 100,000 signatures for the White House to respond.

  • Shutdown, Medicare hike, pay raise, COLA

    If your regular September game plan is to recover from your vacation and focus on back-to-school stuff, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says you picked the wrong month this year.

  • Susan Kelly helps ease service members back into civilian life

    Susan Kelly introduced sweeping changes to the Defense Department’s Transition Assistance Program, improving the transition of service members to civilian life.

  • Digital Transformation in Government

    Federal News Radio's Custom Media Director Jason Fornicola sits down with Mike Maiorana, the SVP of Public Sector Sales for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and George Fischer, the SVP of Global Sales for Verizon Enterprise Solutions to address the evolving government technology landscape.

  • Treasury’s Implementation of the DATA Act, an early lesson in project management

    Marla Freeman, assistant inspector general for audit at the Treasury Department’s Office of Inspector General, said the agency is heading making progress in implementing key requirements to make spending data more accessible.

  • In Focus: Two Factor Authentication

    The In Focus mini-series examines more closely issues and topics of importance to federal agencies and contractors. Each month, Federal News Radio Custom Media Director Jason Fornicola speaks with key stakeholders to better understand challenges and opportunities going forward. This month focuses on two-factor authentication.

  • Today’s Cybersecurity and Rapid Response

    Industry expert Matt McCormack, former CISO at IRS and the Defense Intelligence Agency and now Chief Technology Officer of RSA’s Global Public Sector gives Director of Custom Media Jason Fornicola an overview of how organizations can rapidly respond to a data breach.

  • Executive Conversation: IT Trends in Government

    Evergreen ITS President Terrance Martin joined WTOP & Federal News Radio Custom Media Director Jason Fornicola for a discussion on IT trends in the federal government.

  • Submit Today….Your Cloud Questions Answered!

    Moving to the cloud is no small task - data questions, infrastructure questions, contract questions abound! Click here to submit your question and industry executives will answer your question on-air and online to help you manage your cloud your way!

  • Disaster Resilience for America

    On this edition of “Disaster Relief for America”, hosts Tim Karney and Tom Moran interview Ralph Basham, the former Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection.

  • Allison Hickey: Battling the VA claims backlog

    After a years-long effort, the Veterans Affairs Department has managed to whittle down its backlog of disability claims by 90 percent. It now has fewer than 100,000 disability claims, meaning those more than 125 days since filing. That’s down from the record 611,000 claims it still held in 2013. Allison Hickey is VA’s undersecretary for benefits. Hickey tells the Federal Drive with Tom Temin more about how VA made this progress.

  • Randall Fort: What innovative advances mean for federal agencies

    Lethal robots, plasmonic chips and nanoionics are just a few of the innovative advances working their way into everyday life. Randy Fort, Raytheon’s director of programs and security, tells Executive Editor Jason Miller these real-world advances also have implications for federal agencies. They can mean cutting-edge intelligence and defense and streamlined manufacturing in the future.

  • Jim Williams: The next generation of customer service

    The White House is working with the American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council to help shape the next round of customer service initiatives using commercial best practices. Customer service is one of the White House’s top cross-agency priority goals. Jim Williams is a partner at Schambach and Williams Consulting. He tells the Federal Drive with Tom Temin how he’s heading up the ACT-IAC effort.

  • Jared Serbu: VA secretary calls for robust budget from Congress

    With just a month to go before the start of a new fiscal year, VA Secretary Bob McDonald has called on Congress to give the department a robust, stable and flexible budget. Even though lawmakers passed a stopgap measure a month ago to keep VA hospitals from running out of funds, that authority will expire on Sept. 30.

  • Bob Hale: DoD prepares for possible CR from Congress

    The Department of Defense has a list of exceptions it wants Congress to consider if, or when, it passes a continuing resolution for the beginning of fiscal year 2016, Oct. 1. Bob Hale is a fellow at Booz Allen Hamilton and former undersecretary of defense comptroller. He dealt with several of the department’s requests for changes to previous-year budgets in his time there. He is out with a new publication through the Brookings Institution, called Budgetary turmoil at the Department of Defense from 2010 to 2014. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he explains why he wanted to write it.

  • Stewart Liff: Federal managers have more power to fire than they might think

    The Department of Veterans Affairs has special power now to get rid of senior executives who engage in misconduct. Congressional overseers want to extend that power to cover other employees at the agency. Stewart Liff is a fellow at the Performance Institute. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose that federal managers have more power to fire people than they might think.

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