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  • Ari Rabkin: OPM cyber breach sparks fresh look at cybersecurity

    The loss of data from the Office of Personnel Management continues to resonate throughout the federal government. It sparked a fresh look at how agencies manage their data and their cybersecurity. One cyber expert says it’s time to make cyber a real, not an imagined, priority. Ari Rabkin is a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute’s Technology Policy Center. Federal Drive host Tom Temin asks him, wasn’t cyber already a priority?

  • Jason Miller: GSA eases burden on agencies, vendors with schedule consolidation

    After more than a decade of growth, the General Services Administration realized its professional services schedule needed some serious pruning. GSA completed the first step in that process on Oct. 1 by merging eight professional services multiple award contracts into one. In his weekly feature Inside the Reporter’s Notebook executive editor Jason Miller writes about the changes to the $10 billion-a-year schedule.

  • Larry Ponemon: Grim realities for the state of federal cybersecurity

    A new independent study by the Ponemon Institute presents some grim realities when it comes to the state of cybersecurity within the government. It found the majority of state and federal IT employees feel that intelligence shared between agencies has little or no positive effect at all. Larry Ponemon is the chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute. He joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss information sharing and several other findings in the State of Cybersecurity report.

  • David Hawkings: Congress faces multiple deadlines when it returns

    The continuing resolution funding the federal government runs through Dec. 11. But that’s not the next deadline that could affect the executive branch and the turmoil in the race for Speaker of the House could impact those deadlines. David Hawkings, senior editor of CQ Roll Call, updates In Depth with Francis Rose on all the details.

  • Jessica Klement: CSRS retirees may see income drop in 2016

    Low inflation makes a cost-of-living adjustment for federal retirees unlikely next year. If that happens it could make almost a million former federal employees a little poorer. Jessica Klement, legislative director for the National Active and Retired Federal Employees association, told In Depth with Francis Rose why Civil Service Retirement System retirees might see an income drop next year

  • Bob Hale: No CR is good for government

    Congress is up against several deadlines when it comes back from recess next week. It’s not just the Dec. 11 date, when the continuing resolution expires. The debt ceiling problem needs a solution by Nov. 5 and highway funding expires Oct. 29. One possible solution to the budget deadline is another CR that would last through the rest of fiscal 2016. Bob Hale, a fellow at Booz Allen Hamilton and former Undersecretary of Defense Comptroller, told In Depth with Francis Rose no CR is good for the department or the government.

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