National Capital Area CFC leaders confident donations will bounce back in 2015

Ogrysko, Nicole

There’s a new sense of optimism this year for the Combined Federal Campaign, which kicked off its 54th year Sept. 3 as an annual workplace fundraiser. Campaign leaders hope a renewed sense of optimism will spur federal employees to dig deep on donations.

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    Over the past year, several corporate executives have taken key positions in the Veterans Affairs Department, lured by the chance to help the agency change following scandals in patient care. Tom Allin, VA's first chief veterans experience officer, comes from the restaurant industry. He tells Federal News Radio's Emily Kopp that it was VA Secretary Bob McDonald's emphasis on serving veterans that made him sign up.

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  • TJ Miller: First Net aims to put an end to communications challenges

    The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act created First Net. Congress wanted to build the nation's first high speed wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. First Net will eventually put an end to decades of radio interoperability and communications challenges. TJ Kennedy is the president of First Net. He joins the Federal Drive with Tom Temin to talk about some of the new developments happening at First Net, three years after its establishment.

  • Jason Miller: Combined Federal Campaign kicks off with optimism

    The 2015 Combined Federal Campaign kicked off this week with more optimism about this year’s fundraising effort than there has been in a long time. One reason is because CIA Director John Brennan is the honorary national CFC chairman, the first since 2010. Vincent Micone is the chairman of the CFC for the national capital region. And Daniel Dodgen is the CFC campaign director for Health and Human Services. They tell executive editor Jason Miller why they believe the 2015 campaign will reach new fundraising goals this year.

  • Bob Tobias: Obama has 17 months to prepare a smooth transition, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Secret Service and the OPM data breaches are what stand out in most people’s minds about government operations in the Obama administration. He has 17 months left to leave the government in a better place and prepare it for a smooth transition. Bob Tobias is director of business development for Key Executive Leadership Programs at American University.

  • Gretchen Campbell: NIST physicist pioneers in field of atomtronics

    A real revolution is what Nobel Prize Laureate and fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology William Phillips calls the field of atomtronics. He applauded the work of NIST physicist Gretchen Campbell in that field. Campbell is a Service to America Medal finalist in the Call to Service category. She says the field of atomtronics is still sort of theoretical.

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