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  • David Hawkings: Congress returns to full plate of budget, sequestration talks

    As Labor Day approaches, children head back to school and Congress will return soon, too. Already, battles are shaping up over spending caps, sequestration and what to do now versus in a lame duck session. Roll Call Senior Editor David Hawkings joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with a preview of a fall classic

  • JV Venable: Deeper look at the 5th generation F-35

    When trying to sell cars, Packard Motor used to say, ask the man who owns one. When it comes to the F-35 fifth generation fighter, the Air Force might want to say, ask the man or woman who flies one. That’s what the Heritage Foundation did in creating comprehensive assessment of the new platform. JV Venable, senior research fellow for defense policy at Heritage, talks to Federal Drive with Tom Temin about his findings.

  • Dr. Jason Matheny: IARPA pursues intelligence superiority

    The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity is looking for high-payoff research in a variety of data-related fields, all aimed at producing what IARPA calls overwhelming intelligence superiority. Dr. Jason Matheny, the IARPA director, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with more.

  • Andrew Von Ah: Air Force cuts headquarters staff without enough data

    The Air Force has been busily trimming its headquarters staff, but the Government Accountability Office says it’s been doing so without enough information. Andrew Von Ah, GAO’s acting director for Defense Capabilities and Management, talked with Jared Serbu on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Tammy Flanagan: How much life insurance do you really need?

    A rare enrollment period will open next month for the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance program. You’ll need to think about how much insurance you really need, and whether you want to keep it until retirement. Tammy Flanagan, senior benefits director for the National Institute of Transition Planning, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to sort it all out.

  • Mike Meador: Low-power supercomputers on the horizon

    A grantmaking program to solve a grand supercomputing challenge is underway from the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Several disciplines are coming together to eventually create low power, brain-like supercomputers that can enable advances in many fields, such as aircraft design, autonomy and climate modeling. Jared Serbu discussed the program with Mike Meador director of the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, in the National Science and Technology Council, on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

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