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  • Mobile security in government

    The federal government has gone mobile yet mobile security remains a work in progress, join security experts as they gauge progress and explore opportunities for improvement.

  • Ask the CIO Chat with Tonya Ugoretz

    Tonya Ugoretz, the director of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center, talks about the impact the new organization is having on cybersecurity data sharing across government.

  • NASA's science priorities

    A conversation with Dr. Ellen Stofan on NASA’s key goals including education, promotion and evidence of life outside earth during The Business of Government Hour .

  • The password is dead

    Learn how the derived credentials solution for card based authentication can be implemented in 6 easy steps.

  • The Roadmap to Windows 10

    Government and industry experts navigate the impending upgrade of Microsoft Windows machines.

  • Conversation with author, Dr. Don Kettl

    What can government executives learn from the GAO’s high-risk list and more of your questions answered during The Business of Government Hour.

  • Capt. Dave Bouve: VR project gives real-life Navy Seal experience

    For the Navy, virtual reality is more than a training tool. It’s also becoming a novel way of public outreach. The Recuiting Command plans to field trailer-sized virtual reality chambers to let citizens experience a real-life Navy Seal operation. Capt. Dave Bouve, the national director of Navy Marketing and Advertising. He talked about the VR project on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Margot Conrad: Tips for updating HR, improving workforce management

    The Partnership for Public Service has published new guidance for updating HR and improving workforce management. Margot Conrad, director of education and outreach at the Partnership, discussed the recommendations on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Brenda Farrell: A look at DoD’s civilian workforce costs

    If the Defense Department is getting financial savings from its contracted work, it either doesn’t know or just isn’t reporting it. Nor has the department developed a plan for getting more efficiency out of its staff and contractors. A lot of work yet to be done. Brenda Farrell, director of defense capabilities and management issues at the Government Accountability Office, talks to Federal Drive with Tom Temin about GAO’s latest work on civilian workforce costs

  • David Hawkings: Is there an October surprise in the offing?

    Congress, at least some members, are getting nervous as the election approaches. Could there be another October surprise to send the election careening this way or that? Roll Call Senior Editor David Hawkings joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin for a two week look out.

  • Michael Horowitz: Justice IG uncovers troubles at FBI, DEA

    In two significant studies, the Justice Department’s inspector general found the FBI does an accurate job stopping gun sales to the ineligible. But why do such people often get guns? The IG also found the Drug Enforcement Administration still has serious problems policing use of informants. IG Michael Horowitz shares his insight on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Dr. Pamela Starke-Reed: USDA creates nutritional information database

    The Agriculture Department is aiming to create an online database of nutritional data for all the packaged food. It’s called the New Open Data Partnership for Public Health. Dr. Pamela Starke-Reed, deputy administrator for Nutrition, Food Safety and Quality at the Agricultural Research Service, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with more.

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