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  • Dennis Gallagher: New gear helps Navy divers see in the dark

    Diving in the Navy rarely involves clear, blue water, sunlight and admiring the skates. It’s mostly in the dark, and in dangerous environments. To help divers see, do more work and work more safely, the Navy is developing special equipment placed inside a diver’s helmet. Dennis Gallagher, program manager at the Naval Surface Warfare Center’s Panama City Division, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to talk about the new gear.

  • Eric Crusius: White House issues long-awaited contracting rules

    The Obama Administration has issued long-awaited final rules designed to keep companies who routinely violate labor laws from getting federal contracts. Vendors will have to report any violations of 14 different labor laws, and eventually state laws too, directly to the Labor Department. Eric Crusius, attorney at Miles & Stockbridge, joins Jared Serbu on Federal Drive with Tom Temin to talk about the rules.

  • Joe Petrillo: New contracting rule aims to fend off counterfeit parts

    The Defense Department continues to be concerned about counterfeit parts making their way into weapons systems and virtually everything else it buys. The worries are that fake parts could cause mission critical systems to fail unexpectedly.

  • Andrew Von Ah: DoD’s ongoing O&M accounting problem

    New estimates from Government Accountability Office say the Defense Department has routinely dipped into its overseas contingency operations account to fund “enduring” requirements since 2009, but there’s no way to tell which account ultimately funded any particular expense, making it very difficult for Congress to oversee DoD’s operations and maintenance accounts. Andrew Von Ah, GAO’s acting director for Defense Capabilities and Management, talked with Jared Serbu on Federal Drive with Tom Temin about the O&M accounting problem.

  • Caryl Bryzmialkiewicz: Data analysis helped crack $900M Medicare scam

    Earlier this summer, a team of FBI and Health and Human Services investigators completed a long investigation that snared 301 people trying to bilk Medicare out of $900 million. Caryl Bryzmialkiewicz, the chief data officer and assistant inspector general at HHS, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin about how they used data to find the culprits.

  • Dr. Tim Persons: How to evaluate maturity of a technology

    Immature technologies can sink an otherwise carefully planned program. That’s why the Government Accountability Office is preparing a guide to help program and acquisition people evaluate the maturity of technology before they get stuck with it. Dr. Tim Persons, chief scientist at GAO, talked about the new guide on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

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