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Feds’ wellbeing at work lower than private sector

By Jolie Lee
Federal News Radio

Federal employees have higher overall wellbeing than private sector employees – except when it comes to their work environment.

A Gallup poll found federal workers are less likely to have positive relationships with their supervisors, indicating government jobs have a “more traditional, subordinating work environment.”

Gallup’s index score for workplace wellbeing:

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  • Federal workers – 42.2
  • State workers – 48.6
  • Local workers – 47.8
  • Non-government workers – 48.7

However, feds’ overall well-being was 86.7 compared with non-government workers’ score of 83.6. The overall score also took into consideration healthy behaviors and physical and emotional health.


“Government employees outperform non-government workers the most in the areas of overall life evaluation and access to basic needs such [as] having enough money to pay for healthcare and/or medicines, provide adequate shelter or housing, and buy food; and having health insurance and a personal doctor,” Gallup said.

Gallup surveyed more than 180,000 people in 2010 for the poll.