• Bull’s-eye on your wallet: Time bomb in your purse?

    Wonder what the new administration has in store for your pay and benefits? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it will be the same-old-same-old, except maybe not.

  • What’s ahead for feds in 2017?

    This year, NARFE and other groups believe they will face a hard fight protecting feds and retirees from changes in their health program.

  • AFGE’s take on pay and hiring freezes

    J. David Cox, national president of AFGE, joins host Derrick Dortch on this week’s Fed Access to discuss federal workers will be affected by pay and hiring freezes imposed by President Donald Trump. February 3, 2017

  • Consistency amidst uncertainty

    This week on ForYourBenefit, our host, Bob Leins welcomes Dwayne Jackson, CPA, CFO and Principal at Rembert | Pendleton | Jackson.

    January 30, 2017

  • Several senior diplomats resign as Trump admin takes shape

    A handful of senior U.S. diplomats are resigning their posts during President Donald Trump’s first week on the job, creating more high-level openings that the new president must fill.

  • TSP tips: Buy high, sell low, right?

    Lots of people wait for sales to buy things. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says sales panic lots of federal workers while they are building their retirement nest egg.

  • TSP tips for 2017

    Financial planner Arthur Stein joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn to discuss TSP investment strategies to help you build your retirement nest egg. January 25, 2017

  • Five Strategies for the Superachiever About to Retire

    This week on ForYourBenefit, our hosts, Bob Leins and Tammy Flanagan, Senior Benefits Director at NITP, welcome Christina Eanes, lifelong superachiever, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and author of Quit Bleeping Around: 77 Secrets to Superachieving.

    January 23, 2017

  • Are pay and hiring freezes on the way?

    Greg Stanford, director of government affairs for the Federal Managers Association, joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn to talk about the potential for pay and hiring freezes under a Trump administration.

  • The pros and cons of TSP loans

    Tom Walker, a chartered federal employee benefits consultant and founder of Walker Capital Preservation Group, Inc., details what employees need to consider before taking a loan from their retirement savings account.

  • Tammy Flanagan: Changes ahead for feds’ pension plan?

    The defined pension plan has been a remarkably durable feature of federal civil service for a long time. But noise coming from the 115th Congress suggests big changes for the pension system. Higher employee contributions and even ending the defined benefit pension plan altogether are on the table. Tammy Flanagan, senior benefits director for the National Institute of Transition Planning, shares her insight on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Brenton Smith: Return Social Security to its roots to fix it

    The Congressional Budget Office recently published its annual predictions for Social Security. No surprise, it found the cherished program will go broke in a few years, unless Congress changes the rules or raises taxes. Brenton Smith, founder of an organization called Fix Social Security Now, isn’t so sure. He’s been studying the program for years and joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with some ideas.

  • What is GovLoop Academy?

    This week on ForYourBenefit, host Bob Leins and co-host Bob Braunstein welcome Hannah Moss, Senior Editor and Project Manager at GovLoop, to the studio.

    January 16, 2017

  • OPM retirement backlog nearly unchanged ahead of January boom

    The Office of Personnel Management processed more retirement claims in December than in November, but did little to reduce its claims backlog in preparation for the surge in federal employee retirement it expects to see in January’s numbers.

  • Life’s lessons unlearned: Timing the stock market

    If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to improve your financial picture, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says federal workers should start with their Thrift Savings Plan.