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2011: Interesting (gulp!) Times

A scholarly colleague reminded me that the old Chinese saying: May You Live In Interesting Times! is actually, according to her, a curse. Like World War 2 was interesting. So were the gasoline shortages of the 1970s, or the pending federal pay freeze.

Interesting, yes; fun, not so much.

So if you are working today, the last day of the year and a holiday for many people, you must like your job and be dedicated to it. And if you are not working today, that’s good too.

But whether you are on the job or readying to return from a short-winter break, stick with us and fasten your seat belts. As a federal worker, citizen, taxpayer and consumer the year 2011 promises to fall into the Interesting Times category. We’ll be there with you.

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Have a happy and safe new year and we hope 2011 is interesting, but not all that interesting if you get my drift!!!


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