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Federal News Countdown: VA reform bill wanted, faulty SSA project

Rob Burton (left), partner at Venable law firm, and Anil Karmel (right), founder and CEO of C2 Labs ount down the week’s top stories with Francis Rose. (Photo by Ellen Kortesoja)

Guests on the Federal News Countdown:

  • Rob Burton, Venable law firm
  • Anil Karmel, C2 Labs

Rob Burton’s stories:

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#3 House Panel Clears Bill in Hopes of Firing “Incompetent” Executives, Record Manipulators (GovExec)


#2 Procurement Chief Nominee Stresses Acquisition Training, Contractor Price Data (GovExec)

#1 Sanders pleads for VA reform bill as talks stall (Federal News Radio)

Anil Karmel’s stories:

#3 Security Automation: Are Humans Still Relevant? (GCN)

#2 New captain, advisors leading Commerce more deeply into open data (Federal News Radio)

#1 Social Security’s $300M IT project doesn’t work (Federal News Radio)