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SendWordNow helps agencies during emergencies

May 25, 2010 — September 11, 2001 was a day that showed several weaknesses — one of them being emergency notification.

SendWordNow is a company that was formed out of the lessons learned during that emergency.

It’s obvious that the first few hours in an emergency are the most important.

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Federal agencies can be tasked with providing emergency notifications for a wide range of circumstances — everything from a data center malfunctioning to an attack like Sept. 11.


Today, agency employees may want to be notified through text messages, cell phone, desktop alerts, RSS feeds, or even pagers!

Tony Schmitz from SendWordNow will give you some examples of how agencies have responded to the challenge of emergency notification.

Using today’s SIP technology, you can take advantage of methods to notify hundreds of people in seconds, using their preferred method of communication.

You can generate reports on this activity that will provide you a way to manage the quality of your ability to notify staff in case of an emergency.