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Use collaboration to modernize your agency

Encore presentation, Originally aired June 1, 2010 — The federal government is increasing its efforts at collaboration.

One classic example of social networking is Wikipedia — if you look up Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia you will discover that he is the founder.

In 2009 Jimmy wrote an article called Create a tech-friendly U.S. Government.

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Listen to his ideas on how to use collaboration to achieve the goals of your agency.


His ideas include the concept of “ruthlessly modernizing technology.”

He is a proponent of single sign on, Open ID Technology, and a single governmentwide Wiki.

We haven’t seen a federal government wiki (WikiFedia?), but the concept of shared knowledge has been implemented at the FBI by Intelipedia and by the State Department via its Diplopedia.

Jimmy will share with John his ideas on collaboration, The Sunlight Foundation, and some provocative comments on the Obama administration.