Making federal websites more user friendly

May 24, 2011 — Host John Gilroy is joined by Dick Stapleton from HHS and Mark Pietrasanta from Aquilent, to talk about the federal as well as the federal partner approach to transparency.

Stapleton and Pietrasanta worked together to improve the Health Resources Services Administration website to make it more user friendly.

They started with extensive testing to see how citizens wanted to access information.

Read the full transcript of our online chat with Beth Killoran, deputy assistant secretary for Information Technology and chief information officer at HHS.

In spite of the fact the site was directed to uninsured and isolated individuals, the survey information indicated that 90% of Americans have cell phones and wanted to get information about health issues with their phone.


As a result, the website has maps and driving directions to local health centers. was a web site that offered them a completely different challenge.

Health information from the federal government on vaccines was scattered all over the place. Stapleton and Pietrasana designed a website that brought all of this information into one easy-to-use site.

Information on vaccines seems to have a cyclical interest and the site had to be designed to handle this variable use.