Health care interoperability standards

October 15, 2013 — This week on “Federal Tech Talk” , host John Gilroy interviews Dr. Devin Jopp, CEO of the Workgroup for Electronic Data Exchange (WEDI).

During the show, Jopp talks about the humble beginnings of his organization.

It is the story of a visionary from the early 1990’s.

Before people on Capitol Hill were yelling at each other about the cost of healthcare, a genius by the name of Dr. Louis Sullivan had a vision.

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He thought that if all the proprietary healthcare vendors could communicate then the cost of healthcare would be reduced by ten percent


This simple idea did not originate in the hallow halls of Congress in 2013, it emanated from Dr. Louis Sullivan.

In order to put his ideas into practical terms, he thought that a public/private organization should be formed.

This would provide a forum for federal, commercial, academic, and others to gather to establish ground rules for electronic exchange of data.