TSP bounces back in November

After a dull October, funds in the Thrift Savings Plan bounced back in November with all funds posting modest gains for the month.

The TSP’s performance in November marks a return to a mostly strong year for feds’ 401(k)-style retirement-savings plan after a bit of a backslide last month.

The I Fund, invested in international stocks, posted the largest gains — 2.41 percent — after a modest gain last month.

The C and the S Funds, which both posted in negative territory last month, were solidly back on positive terrain.

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November was the third month this year in which all TSP funds, including the Lifecycle Funds (a mix of investments targeted to when TSP participants will begin withdrawing from their accounts) posted gains.

Year-to-date, the S Fund is up 15.46 percent — the highest among the regular funds — followed closely by the C Fund at 15.03 percent. The I Fund is up 14.04 percent for the year.

Thrift Savings Plan November 2012 returns

Fund November Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G Fund 0.11% 1.35% 1.50%
F Fund 0.16% 4.43% 5.49%
C Fund 0.57% 15.03% 16.22%
S Fund 1.53% 15.46% 15.42%
I Fund 2.41% 14.01% 11.72%
L Income 0.34% 4.28% 4.49%
L 2020 0.77% 9.12% 9.24%
L 2030 0.93% 10.97% 11.07%
L 2040 1.06% 12.36% 12.44%
L 2050 1.19% 13.65% 13.64%


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