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USDA work-life office promotes telework, other flexible programs

Mika Cross, the work/life and wellness program manager at the Agriculture Department, In Depth with Francis Rose for a far-reaching discussion flexible and supportive workplace programs, such as telework.

Cross discussed how work/life and wellness portfolio — which includes flexible work schedules, telework policies, and employee health and wellness initiatives — fits into USDA’s human-resources strategy.

Cross said her office aims to provide free and low-cost programs that ultimately allow the agency to recruit and retain a high-quality workforce.

And, perhaps more important, the office aims to “inspire and engage” the federal workforce even as workers are being asked to do more with less.

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Cross has spearheaded USDA’s participation in the the Telework Exchange group’s “Telework Week,” which will be held March 4-8. USDA has launched an internal ad campaign calling on employees to pledge to participate in the week-long program.


Cross was also recognized by WorldatWork’s Alliance for Work-Life Progress’ “Rising Star Award.”