U.S. agencies now collaborate to fight drug cartels

David Silverberg, editor, Homeland Security Today

wfedstaff | June 3, 2015 7:20 am

In the last few days, we’ve heard top ICE, DEA and FBI officials, as well as U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, all talk about the success of “Project Deliverance” – a program to crack down on suspects connected to Mexican drug cartels.

In the last 22 months, feds have arrested over 2,200 people and have seized several tons of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other drugs.

The success of the program marks a new level of cooperation between the U.S. and Mexican governments, but also between our own government agencies.

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David Silverberg is an editor for Homeland Security Today and explains how interagency cooperation really has been a key part of this crackdown.