AFGE members chart union’s future from Leadership Conference – October 18, 2013

Carolyn Smith
North Carolina State Director, Working America

  • A closer look at Working America’s efforts to help workers and ensure fairness on the job
  • Working America’s upcoming strategy in North Carolina

George Stebbins
President, AFGE TSA Local 1127

  • Analysis from AFGE’s Leadership Conference to move the union forward
  • Working to resolve the parking issue for TSA employees

Jason Miller
Member, AFGE TSA Local 449

What impact will the Trump administration have on feds? Read the latest in our First 100 Days section.

  • More analysis of the parking issue
  • Efforts to enforce collective bargaining agreement between the union and TSA

Tyler Patterson
Vice President, AFGE Department of Transportation Local 3313

  • Morale of members and ways to improve it
  • Negotiating a contract on behalf the employees with management