DorobekInsider: On DC’s NewsChannel 8 tonight talking Government 2.0 Camp

government_20_camp2I am on DC’s NewsChannel 8 ’s Federal News Tonight program tonight… talking about Government 2.0 Camp. Government 2.0 Camp, held late last month, was the inaugural event of the Government 2.0 Club.

I have pulled a bunch of links together for those NewsChannel 8 viewers.

* Meet the organizers … On Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Government IT Solutions Spotlight, we spoke to the four organizers of Government 2.0 Camp. Get more information here.

Hiring freeze result of Trump team's review of federal agencies

* DorobekInsider on Government 2.0 Camp … My impressions just after the two-day event. Find that here.


* The Government 2.0 Camp wiki, where many people have posted notes and presentations.

* Government 2.0 Club posts about day 1 … and day 2 … There is also information on GovLoop, Facebook and Linkedin.