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CDC honored for its healthy telework program

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) was honored by the Telework Exchange with a Tele-Vision Award for the “Best New Telework Initiative”.

Under the CDC’s “Telework Improvement Initiative”, telework participation went from 18 percent of eligible employees to 30 percent during the last 12 months, all teleworkers and their managers participated in updated training, nearly 2,000 laptops were purchased by the agency to be used solely by teleworkers, and the list goes on.

As a result, according to the Telework Exchange, customer service levels “were preserved or improved,” “tangible cost-savings” were realized by saving on needed space and equipment and overall operating budgets were able to be cut back.

CDC officials “credit their success to the involvement of all stakeholders in the planning and implementation of the telework program,” including employees, supervisors, senior leadership, and organized labor groups.

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