BIG DATA in Government “Progress & Best Practices” 2013

Program will discuss:

  • Examples of How BIG DATA is Impacting Program Strategies
  • Is BIG DATA Requiring Yoou to Re-Think Your IT Infrastructure Architecture
  • What are some of the Key Benefits Coming out of These Strategies
  • Key Challenges or Barriers to still overcome to Manage BIG DATA
  • Does BIG DATA impact how you Address Cybersecurity
  • A Vision for The Future for Next 3-5 Years

Moderator:Jim Flyzik -Flyzik Group

Zach Goldstein – DCIO, NOAA
Agustin (Gus) Taveras – Chief Technology Officer, DIA
Dan Doney – Chief Innovation Officer, DIA
Suzi Iacono – Deputy Assistant Director, NSF
Audie Hittle – CTO, EMC Isilon
Gagan Mehra – Chief Evangelist, Terracotta, Software AG Government Solution
Scott Gaydos – Chief Technologist, Federal Healthcare, HP Enterprise Services