GSA,, Treasury Dept.


To Bob Martinez, Patrick Jones, Paul Davis, and Tim Cashman, GSA Pacific Rim, Public Building Service employees, who increased the use of renewable energy at the California Land Port of Entry in Otay Mesa, CA. GSA signed a power purchase agreement to install, maintain, and operate a new technology called “modular alternative energy power generation plants”, otherwise known as Dragon Power Stations™. This technology generates and distributes renewable, off-grid clean electricity. Cars and trucks cross over pressurized road plates which depress under the vehicles’ weight and initiate a series of pumping actions that, via hydraulic linkage, turn a generator and produce electricity. GSA also installed a 274 kilowatt photovoltaic system on the roof at the Otay Mesa facility. Both of these projects will reduce the power required from local utility suppliers and reduce air pollution.

To an entire website dedicated to provide the details of the 1,588 page stimulus currently under discussion in Congress. ( The site is comprehensive and provides copies of the House, Senate and GOP alternative versions of the Stimulus for public review. In addition, it provides commentary on the comment of the various categories within the various plans. Transparency indeed!



To the Treasury Department for its handling of the first tranche of TARP funding. The recent report from the TARP oversight committee highlights overspending by $78 Billion for the value of the banking assets. This distressing disregard for the hard earned money of the American Taxpayer, who is funding this bailout, bodes ill for the outcome of future bailout and stimulus expenditures.