Nancy Potter, Congressional Democrats


To Nancy Potter, former GSA employee with 62 years of government service, who died this past week. In an age where employees jump from job to job, company to company, Nancy Potter was the exception to every rule, and showed a dedication and loyalty to GSA, and its mission. She served as a role model for all GSA employees. As the longest serving GSA employee, ever, in the history of the agency, it was my pleasure and privilege to host her retirement celebration, which included speeches and even videos of her public service, from GSA employees, leaders from other executive agencies, and the White House. Nancy will be missed, and she will be remembered.


To Congressional Democrats for voting to end the Washington, DC, school-voucher program by 2010. Competition is good, it seems, except when it is viewed as bad. In a school system, as desperately broken as is the Washington, DC school system, the school chancellor needs every tool possible to continue to bring the school system back on track. The education of the next generation of citizens is more vital than ever because we need them to become the workhorses that revitalize our economy. Any decision to reduce, rather than expand, opportunities for our children’s education is a decision that cripples future generations and leaves them just a bit more unprepared for the challenges that we know await them in the future. Time for some change we can believe in for our school system. It is a pity that Congress is too wedded to the old, tired, and worn out ideas of the past and lacks the courage to embrace new ideas, innovative thinking, and bold leadership. School vouchers are a proven success. The decision by Congress to erode further support is just another example of a troubling trend to punish successful efforts and double down with even more public support for failed efforts.