GSA increases per diem rates for 10 cities

The General Services Administration added 10 cities to the non-standard area list for federal travel per diem rates.

GSA sets the allowances for lodging, meals and other incidental expenses for federal employees who must travel for work. The standard per diem rate is $123 ($77 lodging, $46 meals and incidental expenses). GSA froze the per diem rates for 2013 at 2012 levels.

Non-standard areas are frequently traveled to by federal employees, according to GSA’s website.

The new non-standard area cities are:

  • Bakersfield/Ridgecrest, Calif. (Kern County)
  • Stockton, Calif. (San Joaquin County)
  • Hancock and Pearl River Counties, Miss.
  • Sidney/Glendive, Mont. (Richland and Dawson Counties)
  • Dickinson/Beulah, N.D. (Stark, Mercer, and Billings Counties)
  • Minot, North Dakota (Ward County)
  • Williston, N.D. (Williams, Mountrail and McKenzie Counties)
  • Carlsbad, N.M.(Eddy County)
  • Watertown, N.Y. (Jefferson County)
  • Pasco, Wash. (Franklin County)

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The change is effective today and applies to travel performed on or after Oct. 1, 2012.


GSA freezes feds’ 2013 travel per diem rates at 2012 levels