Partnership for Public Service absorbs CEG

By Brian Drew
Internet Editor

The Partnership for Public Service is absorbing the majority of the Council for Excellence in Government’s programs and staff starting Feb. 16. The Council announced earlier today that it will cease operations after 25 years.

Max Stier, president and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service, says in a statement that by consolidating the two groups’ efforts they will help make the government more effective.


“Ultimately, we came to the point where we realized that given where both of our organizations were this is the best step that we could take to preserve the marquee programs that the council had developed over time,” Kevin Simpson, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for the Partnership for Public Service, told Francis Rose on In-Depth.

The Partnership will continue the Council’s Fellows program, training for mid-level federal career executives . The Fellows program has trained more than 2,700 employees over the past 20 years.

The Partnership also will be adsorbing the Senior Advisors to Government Executives (SAGE) program, as well as activities to celebrate Public Service Recognition Week each first week of May.

“We are taking on a significant number of the Council’s staff, the ones that are most involved with running those programs,” said Simpson. “And we are looking forward to continuing the programs and building on their impact.”

“It’s a natural fit for us to transfer these programs to the Partnership,” Lynn Jennings, Interim President and CEO of the Council for Excellence in Government,told Francis Rose on In-Depth. “If you look at our mission in terms of wanting to improve the performance of government or in the Partnership’s case to transform the way government works, it’s the same mission but with different words.”

This is yet another in what is slowly becoming a long list of associations and good-government groups merging. The Professional Services Council merged with the Contract Association of America, while the Information Technology Association of American consolidated with the Government Electronics Industry Association (GEIA). Both mergers happened last year.

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