Shutdown Aversion: Version 2

By Jason Miller
Executive Editor

Congress is expected to pass a second continuing resolution today to keep most agencies open.

The CR would keep agencies spending at 2008 levels through March 11, says a House Appropriations Committee spokeswoman. The current continuing resolution is set to expire today at midnight.

A Senate Appropriations Committee spokesman says he fully expects another CR to be passed today.


“Sen. Reid says he expects the House to begin working on one this morning and he will begin working with Sen. McConnell as well,” the Senate Appropriations Committee spokesman says.

The House spokeswoman says the only thing that will change in the CR is the expiration date.

On February 25th, the House passed the Omnibus bill that would fund most agencies through 2009. The Senate continues to debate the bill.

The next set of votes on amendments is scheduled for Monday night, and a full vote on the bill could come as early as Tuesday, the Senate Appropriations Committee spokesman says.

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