FDA recalls tainted paint

By Tom Temin

The safety of your kids’ faces is the what’s behind the latest government recall.

Q: It’s not something you eat, but something you spread on your face.

(FDA image)

A: I’m afraid so. This time it is face paint. The stuff used at children’s parties, fairs and picnics. The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning not to buy a particular product from China that has been found to be spoiled with bacteria. Yeast mold to be precise.


Q: How was the problem discovered?

A: Citizens called the FDA hotline about their children’s faces breaking out in rashes, having burning sensations and swelling. The U.S. distributor recalled the product after being contacted by the FDA, but there still might be some of the tainted paint on store shelves. If you already have purchased it, the FDA is telling parents to throw it out.

Q: What is the brand, in case people encounter this face paint?

A: The paint is simply branded “Face Paint.” It is distributed by the Oriental Trading Company, a catalog company well known to anyone who has ever planned a party for a small child. The colors are red, purple, blue, orange, green, and black. They come in tubes on a cardboard blister package. On the back of the package is where you’ll find the Oriental Trading Company connection.

For a list of the tainted lot numbers, see the FDA News FDA Alerts Consumers to Recall of Water-Based Face Paints and for more information, see Product recall: bacteria-tainted face paint

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