Tips to Speed Up Federal Hiring

The Daily Debrief got perspective on the federal hiring process from Carol Bonosaro, the President of the Senior Executives Association.

No, doesn’t have to be slow and painful. Bonosaro said that she is sure the process isn’t slow everytime and everyplace, and it doesn’t have to be arduous.

But in order to speed up the process some aspects need to be addressed

  • Security clearance creates a longer period. But OPM director John Barry has done a great job in lessening that time.
  • Agencies need enough HR staff to deal with onslaught of applications
  • Specifically at higher levels, there is a need to speed up official sign offs, or else give more authority to lower level employees.
  • The authorization and appropriation process needs move in a timely fashion so that agencies can plan ahead.

Another issue that Bonosaro was quick to point out is that agencies have to be careful because changing the process may just if a process putting the onus on another place. For example if it becomes easier to apply, than HR staff could be inundated with more resumes but with less information to judge qualifications, and thus the process would become slow and arduous.

Additionally, Bonosaro asks people to stop comparing the government to the private sectors, “No matter what we do, it’s probably going to be impossible to match the speed of private sector, which doesn’t have to worry about a plethora of rules that are associated appropriately with the merit system and other policy objectives.”