Cybersecurity update

Cybersecurity Update

From the Y2K fears to social networking, this decade has been largely defined by technology and cybersecurity has been a huge part of it. We spoke with Dale Meyerrose, who was the first CIO for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and is now the vice president and general manager of cyber and information assurance for Harris Corporation. For a look at the role of cybersecurity and information sharing this decade.



The United States has begun talks with Russia and a United Nations arms control committee about strengthening Internet security and limiting military use of cyberspace. The New York Times reports that the move represents a policy shift after years of rejecting offers from Russia to come to the table. Officials familiar with the talks said the Obama administration realized that more nations were developing cyberweapons and that a new approach was needed to blunt an international arms race. They say the two sides made progress in bridging divisions that had long separated the countries.