Former FBI CIO Zal Azmi forsees better cyber days ahead

The Federal government has more cybersecurity tools than ever – more software, more hardware, more training, more policy. So what’s the missing link? It’s the people element. Part of my conversation today with former FBI Chief Information Officer Zal Azmi, now with CACI International, revolved around the human elements of cybersecurity: getting buy-in from the other CXOs about the financial and productivity value of cybersecurity; changing mindsets about security policies and procedure; and plowing through all of the noise around cyber and getting to solutions.

With the private sector being in control of almost all of our country’s internet infrastructure, Mr. Azmi addressed the challenges agencies – and the government as a whole – have in coordinating with the entities that control the pipes. We also talked about the challenges that the proliferation of mobile devices presents for IT teams at the agencies, and why you probably won’t be seeing iPads on your agency’s network any time soon – at least legally.