HReinvented: Former OPM Director Janice LaChance forecasts tough changes

OPM Director John Berry has laid out an ambitious series of changes to the Federal HR process. One of his predecessors is giving his agenda a big thumbs up. Janice LaChance was OPM Director from 1997 to 2001…she faced a lot of the same challenges Director Berry is dealing with, and she told me today that making changes in the Federal government won’t come easy. Ms. LaChance is now CEO of the Special Librarians Association. I talked to her as part of our HReinvented series.

Ms. LaChance mentioned a book she’s read recently, “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.” It’s by a former colleague of hers, Daniel H. Pink; coincidentally, he was a guest on The Daily Debrief on Friday, for the latest Federal News Radio Book Club.