OMB management team lays out game plan at IRMCO

From “The IBM Center for the Business of Government blog” by Jonathan Breul:

“[This week at IRMCO] I moderated a panel “Expanding on the Management Agenda” with the four senior Office of Management and Budget officials who are leading the Obama Adminstration’s management efforts:

* Vivek Kundra, Chief Information Officer and Administrator for E-Government and Technology,
* Danny Werfel, Controller, Office of Federal Financial Management,
* Dr. Shelley Metzenbaum, Associate Director for Performance and Personnel Management, and
* Daniel Gordon, Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy

“Together they addressed the 6 strategies that according to OMB’s Jeff Zients ‘offer the greatest potential to improve performance’…Importantly, they did not dwell on each of the 6 strategies so much as explain how they are working together, in what I would describe as a pragmatic, problem-solving approach – looking to take the best of what works – in other governments, the private sector and recent federal efforts – to transform the way government works. It is apparent from their individual priorities as well as the way they describe how they are working together that the current OMB team is operating in a very coordinated and integrated fashion – where fixing problems and improving mission performance is no longer ‘someone else’s job,’ but instead, everyone’s job.”


Jonathan has the list of all six strategies posted on the The IBM Center for the Business of Government blog. I played highlights of the discussion in hour one today.