OPM Director John Berry makes waves on the Eastern Shore at IRMCO

A new generation of future leaders is coming to an agency near you.

Nine hundred Presidential intern candidates are screened and ready for hire for agencies across government, says OPM Director John Berry. Federal News Radio’s Tom Temin covered Director Berry’s speech at IRMCO this morning, and reported the details today on In Depth.

“He’s told agencies if you hire all 900 of them, I will double it – I will provide you with 1800 next year,” Tom told me. And Berry continued, “if you hire all of those, I’ll provide you with 4000 Presidential intern candidates the year after that.”

Those candidates will be on the track to the tops of their agencies too. “They come in, they learn the work of the agency, they become permanent employees, and eventually they could rise as high as they want to go in the Federal government. They definitely represent the best and the brightest, as [Berry] likes to put it,” Tom said.


Director Berry’s speech made an impression on the audience at IRMCO. “I think the highlight really has been the speech by Berry this morning. He gave it with such astonishing passion that people were clapping. [Berry] said that he would swear to God that he’s going to end the KSAs.”

You can hear my entire conversation with Tom about Director Berry’s speech and the rest of his experience at IRMCO by clicking the audio link.