How to make federal management more effective

Getting good results from your team is becoming more important with the administration’s emphasis on results. Government management expert Robert Tobias, Director of the Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation at American University, spent the first hour of the show with me today, talking about a number of the issues you’re dealing with when it comes to managing for better results.

Just some of the topics of discussion:

Today’s breaking news included the failure of a bill in the House of Representatives promoting telework at agencies. Bob analyzed the results, and we talked about some of the reasons managers might still be dragging their feet on telework.

Measuring for results often fails at the beginning – when the measurements themselves are determined. Bob listed some critical elements of the measurement creation process, and the follow-up necessary to ensure the results that are desired are the ones being measured.


The Pentagon’s pay-for-performance plan – the National Security Personnel System – is almost completely gone. But Bob believes one element of NSPS deserves resuscitation. He explained the three elements of NSPS – and which one should be kept around.