Industry Chatter: Tom Simmons of Citrix

Finding the next generation of talent – especially acquisition talent – isn’t just a matter of sheer numbers for your agency. For years, contractors have been accused of stealing people from the government…now with the emphasis on insourcing, some contractors say agencies are poaching their best people. Tom Simmons, area vice president for Citrix Federal, told me today that there is only so much talent to go around, since working for the government – either on the business side OR the agency side – is much different than working in the private sector.

We also talked about how his company is seeing changes in attitude about the next wave of technology. Tom says Federal IT pros are becoming more comfortable with the concepts of virtualization and cloud computing, even if they’re not ready to deploy the technology at their agencies.

Tom also says the agencies are getting better at moving away from process, toward measuring results – and therefore, measuring success. Tom was my guest for the 2pm hour today; you can hear the entire conversation by clicking the audio link.