DHS’s Marshall: Supply chain management vital

From “DHS: cybersecurity is more than herding cats” by Max Cacas on FederalNewsRadio.com:

“In countless expert panel discussions and seminars on cybersecurity, the challenge of securing the nation’s IT infrastructure has often been likened to building an airplane as it flies through the air — or even herding cats.

“That was the whimsical, yet deadly important message that Richard Marshall, Director for Global Cyber Security Management, with the National Cybersecurity Division of the Department of Homeland Security sought to impress upon those listening to his keynote address to the ISC2 SecureAmericas conference, which wrapped up yesterday at the Crystal City Marriott hotel.


“Marshall, who is a lawyer by training, told the ISC2 audience that the explosive growth of the Internet makes cybersecurity an even more important priority than ever.

“Marshall says that for the foreseeable future, secure, supply chain management of the hardware that runs and protects IT networks is vital.

“He also believes that now, more than ever, software assurance – making sure that the programs that defend the cybersecurity infractructure do what they are intended to do – is another important part of the puzzle for the future.

I played highlight of Mr. Marshall’s speech on the show; you can hear the whole thing by clicking on the audio link.