DoD’s Lynn defines “leaner” Pentagon

From “DoD vows to become a leaner organization” by Jason Miller on

“After more than 15 years of expanding budgets, the Defense Department must face the same fiscal realities as most other agencies and become a much leaner organization.

“Defense deputy secretary William Lynn announced some of the steps DoD plans to take over the next five years to reduce the bloating that comes from more than a decade of spending increases.

“Lynn says DoD will transfer $100 billion over the next five years, starting in fiscal 2012 with a modestly aggressive goal of $7 billion, to mission areas that support the warfighter.


“About two-thirds of the savings will come from the Pentagon’s administrative and non-essential programs, while the other one-third will come from increased efficiencies in the warfighter programs, known as force structure and modernization accounts.”

Before we listened to highlights of Deputy Secretary Lynn’s speech, Jason Miller joined me to give a preview based on his coverage of the event. After the highlights concluded, Jason came back to discuss his takeaway from the conversation.

Deputy Secretary Lynn’s entire presentation:

Click here to see the May 8 speech by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, talking about the framework of the shifts that DepSec Lynn detailed.