General Alexander, Raduege agree on cybersecurity rampup

From “DoD has limited cyber situational awareness” by Jason Miller on

“While most federal agencies are focusing on how best to continuously monitor their computer networks, the Defense Department is looking at the next step in securing their systems.

“Army Gen. Keith Alexander, who took the helm of the Defense Department’s new Cyber Command May 21, says the Pentagon must move to real time situational awareness and to a common operating picture.

“Alexander says DoD is basically policing their networks after the fact instead of mitigating threats or attacks in real time.


“One way DoD is trying to get there is by merging the staffs of the Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare and the Joint Task Force Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO) into a single operations center. Under this new office, the command is overseeing the command and control of all military networks at Ft. Meade, Md.”

One member of the cybersecurity community who’s interested in situational awareness is Gen. Harry Raduege, former director of the Defense Information Systems Agency and now chairman of the Deloitte Center for Cyber Innovation. He asked a question of Gen. Alexander at the CSIS speech, and joined me today to talk about his question in particular, and situational awareness in general. You can hear my conversation with him by clicking the audio link above.

General Alexander’s presentation at the Center for Strategic and International Studies: