IT performance measurement getting a close eye from OMB

From “OMB vows to end out of control IT projects” by Jason Miller on

“The Obama administration wants to reverse decades of failed technology projects that cost billions and didn’t deliver what they promised.

“Unlike past administrations with high risk lists or project kill lists, the Office of Management and Budget isn’t just applying more strict oversight to these projects. The White House is telling agencies that it will review the programs that are in the most trouble and terminate them if neccessary.

“OMB laid out these new expectations and oversight plans in two memos released Monday.


“The first memo focuses on IT projects more generally and details three specific steps OMB and agencies will take over the next four months.

“The second memo is the final version of the changes to how agencies procure and implement financial management systems. Federal News Radio first reported June 10 that OMB was considering halting all new financial management systems and those expecting to issue new task orders in the coming months so OMB could review plans and milestones.”

I was pleased to welcome Mike Sledge, President of Robbins-Gioia, to talk about the guidance, what it means at agencies, and what may be next in IT performance measurement.