Cyber Command sorting out authority among agencies

From “Making Performance Reporting Useful” by Molly Mulrain at

“Leaders of the U.S. Cyber Command were sharing ideas and concerns regarding the agency’s mission and objectives during a recent cybersecurity symposium in Washington, D.C.

“The leaders attempted to answer unresolved questions in the basic constructs of their protection of cyber networks, such as the definition of a ‘cyber attack’ and the appropriate timing for when the Department of Homeland Security should step in.

“‘We have lots of decisions to make in the cyber domain,’ said Navy Vice Adm. Carl Mauney, deputy commander of U.S. Strategic Command.


“During the symposium, the new command urged military leaders to adopt a more concerned standpoint on the importance of cybersecurity and the securing of crucial networks. Mauney expressed the importance of this due to the military’s growing dependence on network communication.

“‘We need to be prepared for our networks to continue to operate in the face of a computer network attack,’ he said. ‘It’s not about hunkering down behind a firewall. It’s about the military being able to do the job they are called upon to do.’

“Mauney explained the importance of the military’s ability to stay on their toes, as the cyber environment is continuously changing.

I played highlights of Admiral Mauney’s presentation; you can see the entire presentation in the video below.