From pizza to pump: TSA job ads go viral

When Federal News Radio posted photos of TSA job ads on pizza boxes, we never anticipated how much of response it would generate.

TSA public affairs wrote to us to let us know it’s not all that unusual for them to push the envelope, or pizza box as the case may be.

“TSA routinely advertises for job openings through a variety of avenues,” a spokesman said in e-mail, “ranging from traditional print advertisements to more creative ways to reach a wide audience.”

Now, we’re seeing the ads all over the place.


Anchor Amy Morris stopped for gas on the way home yesterday, looked up at the pump and saw this:

(Photo by WFED’s Amy Morris.)

And on closer inspection, noticed a slight change from the earlier ads.

(Photo by WFED’s Amy Morris.)

So maybe the ads are working.

To see the entire gallery, click here.

And if you see an ad for TSA screeners in unexpected places, please send us your photos.