Government management recommended reading for summer

From “Beach Reading for Performance Wonks” by John Kamensky from the IBM Center for the Business of Government blog:

“A newly-released book by a trio of authors, Performance Management in the Public Sector, takes a strategic and theory-based look at performance approaches. The authors – Wouter Van Dooren, Geert Bouckaert, and John Halligan – are well-known academics in the field from Belgium and Australia. Their book provides useful context for people new to the field and a set of practical steps for those designing a new performance management strategy for their agency.

“Their book examines the complexities and nuances of performance, performance measurement, and performance management. Their focus is on the concepts and system of performance, not so much on the actual crafting of performance measures.”


John joined me to start the show today, to talk about why he wanted to read the book, what he took away from it, and my favorite question – what book on government management he’d like to see, that hasn’t been written yet. Hint: he calls it “high fiction, of course!” Listen to our conversation through the audio link above to hear his choice.

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