Paul: Information Sharing Environment expanding

From “Paul to lead new information sharing strategy effort” by Jason Miller on

“The National Strategy for Information Sharing is but three years old – not that old when it comes to federal documents.

“But changes in technology, culture and conditions necessitate not only an update, but an expansion.

“‘We want to build on the current document, and update it and sketch a target end vision for the Information Sharing Environment and strategies for realizing it,’ said Kshemendra Paul, the program manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE) in an exclusive interview with Federal News Radio.


“Paul said he will begin working on the document this fall through an interagency process.

“He adds that the White House has instructed him to expand his view to look at the totality of terrorism information sharing across all levels of government, not just focus on sharing with the state, local and tribal communities.

“Paul says this is a lesson learned from the Dec. 25 attempted terrorist attack.

“The national strategy is one of five priorities Paul is working on over the next year.

“Only a month into his tenure as the PM-ISE, Paul is using his office’s annual report to Congress as a menu of future opportunities. The report details the accomplishments and shortcomings of the ISE in 2009.”

I played Jason’s full interview with Mr. Paul; you can hear the entire conversation by clicking the audio link.