2011 predictions: data center count, IT headcount both shrinking

Bob Otto suggested the 2011 predictions series I’m doing all this week in the 2pm hour, so it’s only fitting that he talked about his predictions for next year on the first day of the series:

10. A Federal Payroll freeze and an improving economy will hamper Federal IT insourcing efforts in 2011 of hiring enough skilled IT resources.

9. Oracle will buy Dell to expand its capabilities and service reach.

8. The federal government will own more mobile devices than PCs by 2014.


7. By 2015, an element of critical national infrastructure will be compromised by an online attack.

6. The federal government will fail to implement a government-wide policy for social media use in 2011, leading to vastly different approaches agency by agency.

5. The 112th Congress will provide Federal CIOs with greater procurement flexibility.

4. Most federal agencies will introduce Agile in 2011 and it will become the predominate software development methodology across government by 2014.

3. Accountability will replace Transparency as a primary agency focus in 2011.

2. Federal IT headcount for operations and maintenance will drop by 25% by 2015.

1. The federal government will close more than 250 data centers by the end of 2011 yet significant ROI will not be evident until late in 2012.

Listen to Bob break down and detail his predictions by clicking on the audio player.