2011 predictions: terrorism, economic security will impact everything

Most of the predictors in my 2011 Predictions series this week have focused on micro-level actions that Federal agencies will take or respond to in the coming year. My second predictor today has more of a macro view, and his predictions focus on what larger events and forces will shape what you and your agency will do in 2011.

Dr. Charles Herzfeld is Senior Fellow and member of the Board of Regents at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. His distinguished career includes service as Senior Consultant to the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, in the Executive Office of the President; Director of Defense Research and Engineering of the Department of Defense; and leadership roles at the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA), and the Defense Nuclear Agency. He was Director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) from 1965 to 1967; he advocated and supervised that agency’s start of ARPANET, the linking of a series of computers that became the predecessor of the Internet.

Dr. Herzfeld’s predictions centered around the impact of the fight against terrorism, and continuing economic instability. He discussed his predictions, and how they will affect the way your agency meets its mission, on the show today.