Countdown: 5-year pay freeze, government spending in 2011

Today’s Federal News Countdown guests:
Mark Amtower, host, Amtower Off Center
Chris Dorobek, host, DorobekINSIDER

Mark Amtower’s stories
#3 Expert’s Corner: Mike Keating on 2011 Government Spending
From Thomas Net News:

As the economy gradually recovers, government contractors can look for better selling opportunities, according to Mike Keating, senior editor for Government Product News.

Government purchases of goods and services in the United States will reach $3.03 trillion in 2011, up from $2.99 trillion in 2010, according to economic and financial analyst IHS Global Insight. State and local government purchases of goods and services will total $1.82 trillion this year, representing a slight increase over 2010 total purchases ($1.79 trillion).


#2 These federal, state and local sites walk the walk of transparency
From Government Computer News:

Government Web managers are getting the message: Great agency websites must be blazing fast and easy to navigate and offer access to information — including financial data, meeting transcripts and contracting records — not traditionally provided to the public.

In the past three years, GCN has recognized government websites that stood out from the rest of the pack in their uses and adaptations of new technologies.

#1 Contractors put more focus on being focused
From Washington Technology:

First there was Motorola’s decision to split. Now ITT Corp. has made the announcement that it will break into three companies.

These moves and other evidence have me thinking that we are entering an era in which specialization rather than diversity and size might be the key to future success.

Chris Dorobek’s stories
#3 WTOP Radio deal is nation’s largest in 5 years

The sale of WTOP and WFED and other Bonneville International-owned stations in Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati for $505 million to Hubbard Broadcasting is the biggest radio deal in the nation in five years.

But what will it mean to people who tune in to WTOP and for their news, traffic and weather, and to those who get their federal news from WFED and Federal News

#2 U.S. intelligence agencies ‘sharing too much’

Intelligence agencies may be ordered to limit the information they share.

“When you look at information sharing, I think we have almost overdone it,” says Mike Rogers (R-Michigan), the new chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

#1 Five-year pay freeze, more federal job cuts proposed
From Federal News Radio:

House Republicans want to reduce federal spending for all non-security agencies back to 2008 levels for 2011 and to 2006 levels for the next nine years. Lawmakers want to make significant cuts to the federal civilian workforce and eliminate the Agency for International Development.

In a bill called the Spending Reduction Act of 2011 introduced Thursday, Republican lawmakers take aim at several federal employee benefits including, eliminating automatic pay increases for civilian federal workers for five years and cutting the civilian workforce by a total of 15 percent through attrition by letting agencies hire one new worker for every two that leave until the reduction target is met.