DoD Command in Tampa spent thousands on coins, cigar boxes

The U.S. Central Command in Tampa has been caught wasting thousands of dollars.

A report from the Department of Defense Inspector General’s Office says the Command was not making sure that government purchasing cards were being used properly. These are the cards that soldiers use to buy a lot of things they need from the private sector. They can be used for a lot of things – like food and living supplies – but not everything.

The AP cites a report from the DoD Inspector General’s Office that says the cards were used – in some instances – to buy coins, specially-made boxes to store cigars, televisions and other items that aren’t allowed under Department rules.

The IG’s report reprimands officials for their lax oversight – and for failing to enforce – or follow – the rules involving about $40,000 in purchases.


Inspectors say they reviewed a small sample of nearly seven-thousand purchases made by Central Command between July 1 of 2008, and June 30, 2009.

Base officials say any problems cited by the report have been corrected.

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