Reporters’ Roundup: Air Force tanker, DHS terror levels

Jared Serbu, Reporter, Federal News Radio

wfedstaff | June 3, 2015 8:20 pm

These are the stories Federal News Radio reporters are working on today.

  • The Air Force briefed lawmakers this morning on their investigation into a mishap that led to two vendors getting data about each other’s planes. Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu reports the Air Force feels the two companies responded just the way they should have. WFED reporter Jared Serbu will have a full report tomorrow.
  • The Homeland Security Department is changing the five-color terror threat system into one that is more straightforward and simple to understand. The new two-tiered system will bring together information from across federal government. Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the changes today as part of what will become her annual State of Homeland Security address. WFED executive editor Jason Miller has details from the event.
  • A report by the Project on National Security Reform says the way agencies recruit and train national security personnel isn’t good enough. The study says agencies focus too much on their own missions instead of working together. It recommends a new approach, and a new type of employee, to improve how agencies and all levels of government coordinate. Ret. Major General William Navas says the current human capital system for national security personnel is well behind the times. WFED reporter Meg Beasley will have a full report tomorrow.