Reporters’ Roundup: Contractors’ dilemma in shutdown, DoD’s access card, Cyber Command challenges

Mike Butler, deputy director for Identity Services, Defense Manpower Data Center

wfedstaff | June 3, 2015 9:32 pm

These are the stories Federal News Radio reporters are working on today.

  • The Defense Department already is testing how its common access card, or CAC card, could hold transit benefits or electronic money for military personnel. The Pentagon’s test to expand the card’s reach into business processes shows the secure identity card’s impact over the past decade. Mike Butler, the deputy director for Identity Services at the Defense Manpower Data Center, tells WFED’s Jason Miller about what the future holds for the now 10-year-old CAC card.
  • The U.S. Cyber Command may be operational, but it’s lacking a crucial component – situational awareness. BG John Davis is the director of current operations for Cyber Command. He says situational awareness has been his number one challenge from the start. WFED’s Meg Beasley has the details.
  • Budget experts who served in the Clinton administration during the 1995 government shutdown say a lot’s changed in the federal government in the last 15 years. And the contractors, who now make up a much larger share of the workforce, need to be ready if it happens. WFED’s Jared Serbu has the details.