Dorobek Must Reads – March 18

DorobekINSIDER Newscast

  • President Obama has signed a bill to keep your money flowing. The continuing resolution replaces one that expires today. It runs through April 8 and cuts $6 billion in spending. Congress gets more time to work on a final spending plan for the year. But that might have to wait until they return from a ten day recess.
  • Veterans Affairs clears its first national labor contract in 14 years with AFGE. VA says the deal will expand telework and improve how the department and union collaborate on work-related issues. More than six in ten VA workers can sign up for AFGE membership. Secretary Eric Shinseki has approved the contract. He and union leaders plan to sign it soon.
  • Hackers have broken into a computer security company you might use. EMC says cyber criminals have breached its security division, RSA. They got away with confidential data about products that make it harder for people to break into your networks even if they steal your passwords. EMC hasn’t detailed the scope of the attack. But its customers include the military and governments.
  • Phishing attacks are the most common cyber threats your agency is facing. 31 percent of the more than 41,000 attacks against the government and reported to U.S. CERT included malicious code or a virus. The Office of Management and Budget released these latest figures as part of their annual Federal Information Security Management Act, or FISMA, report to Congress. Overall the number of attacks against agencies increased by 39 percent in 2010 from 2009.

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