In Depth Newscast

  • Congress is thinking about new spending cuts that might affect your agency. Democrats have proposed $33 billion in reductions. It’s part of budget work on Capitol Hill, as the House and Senate hurry to avert a government shutdown. The continuing resolution runs out a little more than a week from now. The democratic proposal focuses on cuts to domestic agency budgets and the Pentagon.
  • A new bill could save the government $8 million a year on printing. The measure, from Senators Tom Coburn and Herb Kohl, would limit how many copies of the Congressional Record the Government Printing Office can print. Right now, GPO makes more than 4,500 copies each day. But the bill sponsors say very few people actually use them, because they can get the Record online.
  • The Postal Service is floating new procedures for closing some retail facilities. Federal News Radio has obtained the proposed rule that would speed up decision-making. It would also reduce the number of hoops the Postal Service needs to jump through to close selected locations. Part of that, includes a shorter comment period for suggested closures. And headquarters would also get the ability to order closures.