In Depth Newscast

  • House and Senate leaders are moving closer to a bill that could reduce spending at your agency. House speaker John Boehner has agreed to talk about a compromise in the $33 billion range. That’s below the 61 billion some Republicans have pushed for. The deal’s not final.But the cuts could affect domestic agencies the most.
  • Some open government sites – like – could go dark by the end of May. Government sources tell Federal News Radio that OMB is planning to take seven sites offline because they don’t have enough money. Funding for the sites has been tied up in the budget battle. And even when the dust settles, the government might not have enough money to keep all of them running.
  • Veterans Affairs is giving out credit protection, after a few data breaches. In one case, a VA worker left personal information in a car for more than four months. That car ended having an accident and going to the repair shop with the files in it. Two other incidents involved a missing box of I-D cards and a lost computer. The breaches affect more than a thousand vets.