In Depth Newscast – April 4

  • Congress is clashing over military spending, as they negotiate a final budget bill for your agency. The House has until tomorrow, before a self-imposed deadline to post bills for members to read. Leaders from both parties say they’re working on about $33 billion in cuts. Once the House passes a bill, Senators will vote. They need to pass something by Friday, to avoid a government shutdown.
  • The head of OPM is calling on you to step it up, when it comes to firing poor performers. John Berry says federal managers are too timid. His remarks address questions before a House subcommittee about the link between pay and performance.
  • An interagency spat has is pitting the FCC against the defense and transportation departments. NextGov reports its because of a plan to build a hybrid satellite and cellular network. The FCC has cleared a firm called Light Squared for that project. But top defense and transportation leaders say the FCC didn’t fully consult their departments before giving the green light. The departments are worried the system might interfere with the Global Positioning System.