Countdown: Buy-outs, post-bin Laden attitudes toward feds

Today’s Federal News Countdown guests are:
Jon Desenberg, Senior Policy Director, Performance Institute
Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

Jon Desenberg’s stories
#3 In Raid on bin Laden, Little-Known Geospatial Agency Played Vital Role
From National Journal:

President Obama’s first brush with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency was ignominious. Out for lunch in May 2009, at a Five Guys burger franchise in Washington, the new president started to shake the hands of other customers, TV cameras in tow. Then he turned to men with government ID badges.

#2 Civilian BRAC gains Hill support
From Federal News Radio:


The White House on Wednesday sent to Congress a legislative proposal that would establish an independent commission to sift through more than 12,000 excess federal properties and streamline the process of either selling or demolishing them.

#1 Hoping For a Buyout? Hang Tight!
From Federal News Radio:

Government-wide buyouts, that were commonplace in the 1990s then all but disappeared, are starting to make a comeback, but on a very limited basis.

Jason Miller’s stories
#3 HASC leaders at odds over TRICARE hike
From Federal News Radio:

The Defense Department has won a key supporter in its effort to reduce health care costs by increasing premiums for working-age retirees under TRICARE, its managed care insurance program.

#2 All DoD eyes focused on Army’s cloud email transition
From Federal News Radio:

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) thinks selling the Navy and Air Force on its cloud-based email system is a question of when, not if.

Maj. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins, DISA’s vice director, told reporters Tuesday that DISA was in active negotiations with the other two military departments even as it moves through the process of transitioning the Army’s 900,000 email users to its new internal cloud-based enterprise email system.

#1 ‘Fog’ lifting over federal employees, officials say
From Federal News Radio:

Federal employees may be getting a bit of a reprieve from the perception problem that is not of their making.

Workers who responded to tornadoes in the south and the multiple feds who played key roles in tracking down Osama bin Laden are lifting the fog that has settled around the federal government after months of bad news and disparaging comments.