In Depth Newscast – May 2

  • Your pay check could be garnished if you owe back taxes or other federal debts. The Office of Personnel Management is proposing a rule today that says even if you’ve owed debts for more than 10 years, the government can collect by taking money from your paycheck. Right now there’s a 10-year statute of limitations to collect debts due from federal employees. The draft states that any deduction would be a fixed amount or a percentage of pay, not to exceed 15 percent. Comments on the proposed rule are due by July 1.
  • The weak economy and job market could bring good news for BRAC. Federal Times reports more civilian feds than expected are relocating to keep their jobs. Two more than expected are making the move in some areas. Federal News Radio and our sister station WTOP will bring you a special series on BRAC all next week. You can catch it mornings and afternoons on the 40s.
  • The Partnership for Public Service has picked more than 30 feds as finalists for this year’s Service to America medals. Categories range from public health and safety to the environment. The Partnership will announce winners in September. We’ll post the list of finalists on our website, federal news radio dot com slash in depth. And Federal News Radio will speak with ALL of the finalists beginning next week. Stay tuned for details.
  • The defense department is splitting up Joint Forces Command. DoD has come up with a list of functions that will move to other defense components as early as this summer. The Pentagon says about half of JFCOM’s budget and people will stay put in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Defense is closing the command to save money.